Throughout the years, Mexico has placed itself as an important country for worldwide commerce. It’s location in North America has made Mexico one of the first choices for investment, the quality of the labor force at a much lower cost makes México an even more attractive option.

70% of the commercial activity in Mexico is concentrated in the central region. The city of San Luis Potosi is the heart of this region, due to the fact of being the crossroads for distribution, commercialization and import-export activities between its most important cities, borders and ports.

Tres Naciones Industrial Park, located on the NAFTA highway, gives you the opportunity to establish your new factory or distribution center surrounded by all the competitive advantages offered by the city of San Luis Potosi.

Through our website you will find the necessary information to convince you that Tres Naciones Industrial Park was created for your development.

Highway 57 Km 187
Tel:. +52 (444) 834 7400 Fax: +52 (444) 834 74 01
From the U.S.A. Dial: 1 (888) 432 5179
Desde México marque: 1 (800) 849 1378


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